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The Corporation for Public Broadcasting

The National Endowment for the Arts

The National Endowment for the Humanities

Illinois Humanities Council

Wisconsin Humanities Council

Kentucky Humanities Council

Humanities Iowa

KET Fund For Independent Production

Dillon Foundation

Kentucky Historical Society

Kentucky Arts Council

Hellman Family Foundation

Written, Produced and Directed by

Stephen Parry


Garrison Keillor


Pieter Miller

Director of Photography

John Timmerman

Production Facilities provided by

Image Base, Chicago, IL

Production Manager

Kevin Blake

Supervisory Producer

Bob Hercules

Associate Producer

Media Working Group

Fiscal Sponsor

Southern Wisconsin Bluegrass Music Association

Music Supervisor

Paul Tyler

Additional Writing

Julie Englander

Jeffrey Martin


Michael Lizak

Krista Upthegrove

Additional Camera

Sean Anderson

Pieter Miller

Field Audio

Sean Anderson

Rick Fatke

Alvin Kawamoto

Bennett Spencer

Tom Temple

Steve Viall

Voice Over Actor

John Lair – Chris Walz

Sound Mix

Pillar to Post

Production Assistants

Aaron Brown

Christian Castagna

Eric Farnaus

Greg Herrmann

Evan  O'Donnell

Jason Schock

James Wright

Live Music Session

Recorded at Old Town School of Folk Music

Live Session Sound Engineer

John Abbey


Colby Maddox - Mandolin

Paul Tyler – Fiddle, Banjo

Chris Walz - Guitar

Scholar Consultants

Hal Barron

Chad Berry

Wayne Daniel

Susan Douglas

Anthony Harkins

Michele Hilmes

Loyal Jones

James Leary

Bill Lightfoot

Michael Luster

Bill Malone

Kristine McCusker

Richard Peterson

Susan Smulyan

Paul Tyler

Michael Ann Williams

Charles Wolfe

Production Advisors

Judy Hoffman

Kartemquin Films

Research Assistants

Joe Hickerson

Nathanial King

Kirby Pringle

Archival Film Research

Susan Hormouth

Carolyn Faber


Gloria Parry

Legal Services

Donaldson and Callif

Copyright Research

Motion Picture Information Services

Rights Clearance Management

The Rights Workshop

Closed Captioning and DVI

National Captioning Institute

Audio Transfers

Midwest Production Services

 Wall to Wall Sound

Film Transfers

Churchman Telecine Service


Henninger Media Services


Mastering Facilities and Services

Pillar to Post

Archival Materials Courtesy of

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library

Avery County Historical Society

Berea College, Southern Appalachian Archives

James Buchannan

University of Chicago

Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

Farm Progress Companies

Francis Geels

Georgia State University Library, Wayne Daniels Collection

Rusty and Carolyn Gill

Grand Ole Opry Archives

Debby Gray

Ann Lair Henderson

Allison J. Henry

Dick Hill

University of Illinois Library at Urbana-Champaign

Indiana Commission of Public Records

Joe Janshen

Kentucky Music Hall of Fame

Library of American Broadcasting, University of Maryland

Library of Congress

MacDonald & Associates

Janet McBride and John Ingram

Marge Messinger

Mid American Heritage Preservation Foundation

Michael Montana

Museum of Broadcast Communications

National Archives

Cari Norris

University of North Carolina - Southern Folklife Collection

Nancy Hurt Perrigo

Prelinger Archives

State Historical Society of Iowa, Wettach Collection

Don Stevens

Bill Taylor

Karleen & Ralph Tyksinski

Paul Tyler

Venard Films

Video Resources

WTTW Digital Archive and Keevil Films

David Wylie

Farm Location

Volkening Heritage Farm - Schaumburg, IL Park District

Antique Radios provided by

The Antique Radio Club of Illinois

For WTTW National Productions

Sr. Vice President & Chief Content Officer, Dan Soles

Project Manager, Marie Considine

Engineer in Charge, Don DeMartini

Executive in Charge, Parke Richeson

Station Relations

Pogo Promotions, LLC

Production Manager for ITVS

Robby Fahey

Executive Producer for ITVS

Sally Jo Fifer

This program is a co-production of Hayloft Gang Productions, LLC,

Independent Television Service (ITVS), in association with Kentucky

Educational Television, KET.  This is a presentation of WTTW National Productions.

This program was produced by Hayloft Gang Productions, LLC

which is solely responsible for its content


Copyright 2011 Hayloft Gang Productions, LLC

All Rights Reserved


For ITVS Interactive:

Senior Content Producer

Cathy R. Fischer

Director of Digital Initiatives

Matthew Meschery

President, CEO

Sally Jo Fifer

Senior Vice President of Content Management

Jim Sommers


Pieter Miller


Stephen Parry

Paul Tyler


Michael Lizak

Krista Cook

Pieter Miller

Music Clearance

The Rights Workshop

Music Supervisor

Paul Tyler

Development & Hosting Media Inc. and Tenthwave Digital LLC

Legal & Promotion

Tenthwave Digital LLC

Thanks to our Sponsors

C.F. Martin and Co.

Elderly Instruments

Northfield Instruments


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